Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Devices are Official . . . Finally

Today we officially got the email letting us know what devices students will be receiving next year.  6th and 7th graders will be getting Chrome books.  8th graders are getting Macbook Airs.  Currently the kids are supposed to get their devices on the 4th day of school.  I’ve not heard word yet on what type of training there will be before that.  The rumors are that we will have pretty specific lessons to get the kids ready for their devices.  I’m really excited that we went with Chrome books.  I think this opens up a lot of doors for what can be done and it solidifies me going paperless next year.  

On a side note to going paperless, I had a meeting the other day where I was given three handouts.  I know if these made it back to my room, they would be put in a box and never looked at again.  I took out my phone, clicked a picture and emailed it to myself.  I then copied and pasted it into my notes from the meeting.  Now I will have those handouts, don’t have to worry about where they are and can references them in Google Docs from anywhere.  It was awesome at the end of the meeting, I handed the papers back to my principal.  This will be my new plan for all handouts.  Using the phone was a little clunky so I may try to use the camera on my computer instead.  I may also really push for all handouts to be also given out in digital form.

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