Thursday, May 15, 2014

Powerful Stuff

My Desk This Week

I read a lot of blogs.  Actually, I skim a lot of blogs.  I use Feedly which seems to work pretty well.  It allows me to look at the title and first few lines of a blog, then decide to read it, or move on.  It also give me the option to save a blog post I particularly like.  I’ve started paying particularly close attention to anything 1 to 1.  Today I read a powerful post from Sara Henschell titled, “Humanizing Education: A manifesto on wanting more and working less.”  A very powerful read on giving kids ownership of a classroom and not using the test as the be all end all.  We just ended our THREE WEEKS of testing and this post really resonated with me, especially after a student asked me yesterday, “Why are you still taking grades after the tests are finished.”  I really encourage you to read this now, then again at the beginning of the school year.  

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