Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Citing Sources

Who don’t kids like to cite their sources?  Why didn’t I like to cite sources when I was taking Master’s classes?  It is time consuming, and a lot of times felt irrelevant.  It didn’t feel irrelevant when I needed to go back to find something from a source that I had forgotten.  At that point citing the sources became relevant to me.  I think this is where we are failing our kids.  How do I make citing a source relevant?  

How do we cite sources in real life?  We don’t unless we are taking some type of class.  So what is the real world equivalent - relevance - of citing sources?  I think it is retweeting.  If there is a link I want to keep, I bookmark it, save it in Feedly, post it to Facebook, or retweet it.  These are the ways that we are citing sources today.  Why not make this the expectation for the kids?  

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